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14 July 2010 @ 07:21 pm
This post is being made to preserve this community
03 January 2007 @ 10:22 pm
Kaoru and I would just like to say...

Milord... *suppresses grin* you are... *starts chuckling* so fun to tease! *guffaws, rolling on the floor*

Eh heh heh... ehh... *wipes tear from his eye*

Welcome back everyone! We hope we didn't scare anyone away!
01 December 2006 @ 01:18 pm
Well, since winter break is coming soon hopefully the hosts and our princess will be able to trickle back into Music Room 3. We will offer hot cocoa and apple cider to those seeking refuge from the cold weather and difficult finals.

The layout is still under contructions but we hope you enjoy the holiday themed image.

As always, questions reguarding the club may be directed to myself or princely_tamaki. We will soon be discussing plans for a winter or Christmas Event.
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19 September 2006 @ 02:14 pm
Ahoy me Bonnie Lasses! Tis yer cap'an speakin', Prince o' the seven Sea's Tamaki!

Today be "National Speak Like a Pirate Day", arrr.

Though those scurvy dog twins have made a fuss on board me ship la'ly, (they'll be scrubbin' the poop deck) we should still celebrate this day by dressin' and speakin' like pirates, arr! I took the liberty of orderin' outfits from the America's for me crew to wear. Ya'all still followin' me first mate's, Long-Cool Kyouya? Aye, I thought so :3

I may be in the America's me beauties, but the long voyage does not stop the love I have for you like the vast openness o' the sea doesn't stop a pirate heart from explorin'!
18 September 2006 @ 10:25 pm
I'm afraid the Host Club is temporarily closed while we deal with the issue of some intoxicated Hitachiin twins. As if they weren't unmanagable enough when sober, I'm afraid Mr. Fujioka (Haruhi's father) had a bit of a drinking party and forgot himself and laws reguarding underage drinking. The twin's fight has now escalted to such a point that I feel our customers may get hit in the crossfire, and be witness to some, unpleasant scenes. As acting President during Tamaki's trip to America (from which he should return this upcoming Sunday) I've decided to close the club while we deal with the twins.

You'll still be able to follow all of the action, or drama, thru our personal journals.

Also, if the hosts would please check the ljouran_admin journal for planning for the first event (which is way past due.)
22 August 2006 @ 02:00 pm
Okay my lovely ladies. I, Tamaki, being a mod must take matters into my own hands and crack a whip down on the rules since there are several that do not bother to read instructions.

Below will list the rules/terms/conditions of this community. If you do not abide by the rules/follow these instructions to join YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE DENIED WITHOUT HESITATION!

ljouran is a Role-Playing community that works much like the anime Ouran High School Host Club. Customers will come and designate Hosts and be amused by the Host Club Memebers. (All applications for the Hosts are accounted for. If a position becomes open due to unwillingness/inability to keep the character, I will post an announcement about it.)

1. You must read this first post AND the userinfo page for full understanding of what the community is.
2. After reading the rules, you must reply to THIS post with the following sentence so I know you have read the rules: "TAMAKI AND HARUHI IS ROMANTIC COMEDY LOVE" (or if it's easier; send an email to SharYamato at comcast.net)
3. Along with that sentence, it is required that you designate your preferred Host. Upon selecting your Host, bold their name in the comment. You may only chose one (the Hitachiin Twins being the only exception), and you'll also be required to friend/watch your host's personal journals which are located in the userinfo.
4. This community serves as the home for events. Here you may comment on posts, but customers are NOT allowed to post, only Hosts.
5. In the case of an event, new customers may designate their Hosts as well, but those that are anxious, MUST designate here.
6. After you have clicked the "Join" button in the userinfo, there will be a "Customers Only" post that will be open for suggestions for events and how we run.
7. The moderators at your service are myself, Tamaki (princely_tamaki), and Kyouya (cool_kyouya). Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints are to be addressed to us.
27 June 2006 @ 03:57 pm
Welcome fair princesses of the world. You have found the online home and community of the elite Ouran High Host Club, which we affectionately call the LiveJouran Host Club Community, or ljouran for short.

The Host Club was established by President Tamaki Suou (princely_tamaki) and myself, Vice President Kyouya (cool_kyouya) to cater to the lovely ladies of Ouran High. However, it seems that our services are in great demand outside the bounds of the school and even outside the bounds of Japan as many fans from around the globe have expressed an interest in our club. It is to these fans that we dedicate ljouran. So now, whether you be from Ouran High, or from across the seas you can stay in touch with the members of the club.

In fact, if there is a particular member that you fancy, you can even stay up to date on their personal goings-on by going to their personal journals. As members we promise to update at least once every two weeks. We recommend that you friend our personal journals for the occasional members only treats and to be the first to be notified about future photo albums and other Host Club merchandise. And please, if you have any fanart or internet "goodies" such as icons, wallpapers, layouts or anything else Ouran Host Club related feel free to share them here in the community.

The Personal Journals can be found here:
President, Princely-type Tamaki Suou - princely_tamaki
Vice President, Cool-type, Kyouya - cool_kyouya
Newest Member, Natural-type, Haruhi - natural_haruhi
First Year Student, Devil-type, Kaoru - deviltype_kaoru
First Year Student, Devil-type, Hikaru - devilish_hikaru
Third Year Student, Wild-type, Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi - wild_mori
Third Year Student, Lolishota-type, Honey - lolishota_honey

Journals of Fellow Ouran Students:
Foreign Exchange Student, Renge - rengesama
Third Year Student, Nekozawa-sempai - hidden_nekozawa

~remaining members have yet to open their journals~
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